Resonant Frequencies

“Love Phoebe! She is BADASS!”

About the book:

Whenever the fate of humanity is at stake, Satan is there. With a woman.

Phoebe doesn’t believe in time travel. She’s never evaded a SWAT dragnet, been hunted by drones or sold for half a kilo of cocaine. She’s certainly never met a God-hating Angel. She’s just an orphaned nobody from an L. A. girl’s home. But on her eighteenth birthday the rich, the powerful and the perversely demonic come to vie for her ancient magick and for what lurks in her DNA. When evil forces kidnap the wrong women, Phoebe launches a mission to the bowels of the earth, where she finds the Chamber and an evil hidden for 13,000 years.

While the fabric of time hangs in the balance, she fights her own demons and discovers enemies, allies and where in time she’s safe from the vengeful Watchers. Phoebe must prevail over evil, before something decides to eat her.

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